Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Exchange #BlogLuv


I am thank for all the friends I've made thanks to blogging. They each have helped me learn, grow and be a better person.

A couple months ago I decided to gather up a few of my bloggy friends and a few other their friends for a blogging support group. It turned out to be one of the coolest experiences that I've been a part of. I not only have met a lot of these ladies in person but many of us communicate on the daily bases. It is a great feeling to know you have supportive positive people at your side.

Over the holidays Nikki suggested we do a gift exchange while that one didn't go as planned we wanted to make it happen and Valentine's was the perfect time to share the love! 

We each got assigned to a partner and I was happy to get my Amiga Connie from Momma of Dos!Check out her blog!

I met Connie just this past year at LATISM'12 conference in her hometown of Houston. Connie and I connected right away. I knew we'd be in touch after the conference just because I saw so much of myself in her. She was a newly stay at home momma of 2 but she was also a career woman who now turned to blogging to start a new journey.
While I was at the conference Hurricane Sandy hit she knew we were stranded and made sure to come say good bye  and give us a farewell gift. It meant a lot that she took the time to be there for me during that time.

Enough of the mushy Here is my Valentine's Package from Connie!

She sent me so much of my favorites! I know I mentioned some of the stuff I liked but she got me some awesome things!

Starbucks card- Cuz I love me some frapps
Nail polish Kardashian collection- Can't have too much of the Kardashians or nail polish for that matter
Hello Kitty Valentine- I LOVE HK
Mustache Sign= Perfect for my office
Candy-some of my favorite candies Gobbstoppers and nerds!

She also sent over some valentine's for the kiddos Thank you so much Amiga you didn't have to but I am so happy you did because I wasn't trying to share my candy. hahaha!

It's not about the materialistic gifts we receive in life it's the act of kindness. The act of being thought about and cared for. I am thankful for the wonderful ladies I have grown to call my Amigas!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Head on over to Connie's Blog Momma of Dos to see what I sent to her!

How did I not mention my the amazing support and help from my amiga Xenia who helped organize this if not all! Thank you for your constant support. I am honored to have someone like you in my corner. Big Hugs Miss u much!  Visit her blog at


  1. I am so happy you started the community, I love it! This exchange was so fun and I love that Connie thought to send the kids stuff! So adorbz! I totally would've chose those polish colors for you too ;x

  2. Totally you with the HK love it :) thanks for doing this <3

  3. LOVE IT!!! Who doesn't love Hello Kitty :)

  4. So happy you liked it!!!! You are a great person and I am glad to have shared my Valentine's day with you and your family...AND THIS AWESOME COMMUNITY!!!! Thank you Ladies!!! :D Thank you Ruby and Xenia! <3

  5. Didn't know you loved Hello Kitty! I'll hook you up when I go back to Japan at the end of the year.

  6. Lovely, Ruby! I'm so grateful to you for your friendship and support. Thank you for welcoming me into the fold. <3

  7. Hello Kitty and Starbucks.. LOVE!

    This exchange was the best!