Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why we do what we do: The power of decision

decision is ultimate power
Situations in life mold and shape our beings or so we think, but it’s ultimately the decisions we take after a situation that power our destiny.

After a 20 minute video with Tony Robbins that I happened to stumble upon during a motivational YouTube video search, I was empowered. He spoke about “why we do what we do”.
Instantly I was intrigued. My being drives on needing to know the WHY to many things in my life”

Tony said “Decision is the ultimate power.” “When people fail they give excuses that are not defying factors” and “emotion is the ultimate resource- resource vs. resourcefulness”

He said there are Three decisions of destiny
1-What am I going to focus on?
-Focus = feelings 
- Past, present or future
-Self or others
2-What does it mean?
                -Is it the beginning or end?
                - Are you being rewarded or punished?
3-What are you going to do?
                -Give up or move forward

I paused the video and wrote down notes and question after question:

Why did I start this journey?
Why did I start Hi Rubydw?
What empowers me?
What emotions make me do things?
Why do I feel the need to do it?

I pressed play and continued to listen.

He mentioned how we all feel the need to be appreciated and the need to contribute. It’s all from the art of fulfillment.

He then continued with the 6 human needs:
-Certainty- needing that control
-Uncertainty- having variety and being surprised
-Critical- having significance
-Connection- friendships and love

Those are all needs of personality. Meaning as a person those are easy to fulfill based off our own decisions.

The following two are needs of spirituality and are needed but not obtained by all:
-Grow- accomplishing something of great worth or meaning 
-Contribute- the need to help more than ourselves because “life is about we not me” he says.

This is where I stand. I am currently in the need to grow for myself. I feel the need to contribute in many ways.

After deciding that the world didn't end I picked up the pieces of the life I had planned and continued with the beginning of my new life.

He asked: “What is our lead need?” and "what is time factor"  again "Why do we do what we do" 

I went back and revised my goals (more on those in a later post)

Tony mentioned one last thing. Going back to emotions being our ultimate resource,
He states he had a group of people write down the emotions.  Emotions they feel on a regular basis. Most couldn't write more than 25. This is a big deal because there are 6,000 named emotions.

Let’s begin to experience different emotions and see how they affect our journey.

Here is a Personal Growth Worksheet I created for myself. I hope it inspires some change when it comes to your emotions to better make decisions after situations or events in your life.
power of decision
At the end of my notes I wrote, “Live with a purpose “ and  “act on needs” 
Dont lose the momentum to reach the destination of your dreams! Get inspired Be motivated!


  1. Ive been thinking really hard on the things that I want to accomplish this year, not resolutions but mini goals. I think this post and worksheet hit home for me. It made me think harder and actually got me to thinking of really writing it down. I am going to download this sheet and use it. thank you Ruby! you are always an inspiration. <3

  2. This post so speaks to me and my personal goals/resolutions for the year, which is to pursue happiness, joy and fun, instead of last years stress and worries. I too have been watching a lot of inspirational videos by Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, and others and it really has helped me change my focus, even though I'm just starting out on my journey. I'm looking forward to reading more about yours.

    Love your new blog, Ruby! :)

  3. This is a beautiful and inspiring post. I spend so little time reflecting and so much just "doing" that I end up off-track. Your timing is perfect. :-)

  4. Hey Ruby! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a nice blog here. I can't wait to read more of your post! Im now following you back.